Your Uncanny Lazy Clown Buddies

We are 145 Lazy Clown Buddies on Velas & Solana blockchain. We will be launching our DAO & NFT Staking web app.

Welcome to the World of Lazy Clown Buddies

Allow us to introduce our Lazy clown Buddies. An outshine collection of 145 NFT’s chilling on VLX & SOL blockchain. If you’re part of the crew, you get to hang out on VLX & SOL like a roaring clown. As we progress further, all bonuses, privileges, and amazing things will be unbarred. Make sure to keep an eye out!

LCB Explained in Detail

Yes, we do have an app

LCB  holders will be able to track their NFT data with our app (available on iOS, Android, and the web). People can make predictions, comments, and alpha with ease using this app. This provides DYOR with a far higher number of user-generated signals than typical online tracking technologies.  We’ll keep track of everyone’s progress and develop leaderboards for the best traders.

Forming a Brand

Lazy Clown Buddies = well-known brand. That is the target. We’re going to do it our way.  Expect some staged viral pranks, big-name celebrity appearances, and one-of-a-kind IRL experiences during major NFT conferences. I know it sounds crazy right now. But let’s wait and see.  We will also publish additional, bigger collections at some time in the future to extend our community and holder base.

$LCB Ecosystem

With $LCB, we’re creating an ecosystem for purchasing, trading, and minting blue-chip NFTs.  We’re collaborating with top-tier markets (Magic Eden & SolanArt), major P2E/P2P games, and metaverse initiatives to make $LCB an acceptable currency. Earn $LCB by putting your LCB on the line.

Why Lazy Clown Buddies?

The Lazy Clown Buddies are a collection of 145 randomly generated and stylistically generated NFTs that exist on the cross-chain. Whether you’re framing Clowns as art on your wall or showcasing them on your social media avatars, the Lazy Clown Buddies always looks fabulous.

We love our team and
we think you will too

Emma Smith

Artist 1

Melanie Smith

Artist 2

Josh Lennon

Marketing & Research

Josephine Lewis


What our community is saying…

I love these art, can’t wait to have it.
Laura Bolden

Best NFT Project Ever with Great Utilities.
Leslie Martin